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What Socket Wrench Set Should I Buy?


Meet our top choice: the Sunex 3342 Master Impact


Whether you are a DIY hobbyist or a professional technician, a socket wrench is a definite must have. Fortunately for you, the maintenance and repair market is raining socket wrenches.

The challenge comes in when you begin to look at the price ranges, functionality, and durability of the socket wrenches available in the market today.

Truth is, it can be a little confusing especially if you are new to buying socket wrenches or you are simply looking to upgrade but have not simply settled on something yet. Well, worry not – Here is the Sunex 3342 Master Impact socket wrench.

What socket wrench set should I buy


According To Jcer.info, The Sunex 3342 is a 42-piece heavy duty wrench that weighs approximately 8.5 pounds and comes in dimensions of 13.6 by 9.6 by 2 inches.

So off the top, you are assured of convenience of portability and you don’t have to compromise on functionality because you get a multi-layered and versatile 42-piece that is compact and does the most.


It is made of chromium-molybdenum which 6 times as durable as your regular industrial steel. Not only are you assure that you will use it for years and years before passing it on to somebody else but chromium-molybdenum is highly resistant to corrosion.

The Sunex 3342 can survive in whatever environment you throw it into; a greasy bonnet, a muddy wheel or a wet crane.

And in the event of any misfortunes, then you can rest easy because this socket wrench comes with a life time warranty.


This 42-piece set includes a 3-inch extension, a 3/8 inch U-Joint, eight Deep SAE sockets, eight SAE sockets, ten Deep metric sockets, and ten metric sockets. Talk of versatility and optimal functionality.

To top it all off, these pieces come in an industrial grade, high impact plastic case that protects all the pieces. None of the sizes have been skipped neither are they mission.

They are labeled for easy use and all the metrics have their own units where they can be place because a messy socket wrench is a failed repair and maintenance gig.

It also has a universal joint that can turn up to 22 degrees and universal joints that are specifically engineered to for the installation and removal of lung nuts and the lengthier sockets extends further into the nut to give you –the user – a better a firm grip of the metric. This allows you to work faster and more efficiently.

Thumbs Up

The Sunex 3342 has been hailed as “extremely organized and extremely portable” by Real Tool Reviews.

We could not agree more with this. The metrics have been arranged neatly in the case. You get your deep metrics on one end and the shallow metric on the other end with the extensions and joints in their own place.

The beauty with this is that everything is labeled so even if you are only learning to use wrenches; it will not be a struggle.

It feature a radius corner design and a universal connector – the radius design helps in preventing premature fastening while the universal connector gives you room to work in tight spaces.

You will also be delighted to know that the Sunex 3342 complies with the production regulations standards of the American National Standards Institute so in terms of quality and safety assurance, the Sunex 3342 is tried, tested and approved.

The Sunex 3342 can withstand excessive torque loads thereby allowing it to output to the largest amounts of force possible.


The Sunex 3342 has proven to be a darling to many; not only to you get an unbeatable price range but you get 42-piece metrics that include joint and adapters.

ocket wrench set

The wrench is also made of highly element called chromium-molybdenum which gives the wrench a life line that has never before been seen with other impact wrenches.

It does not stop there – The metrics are coated with anti-corrosion oxides to make them last longer, and in the even that something happens to them then you get the Sunex life time warranty to cover you.

The sunex 3342 case is light and very portable. It also properly labeled and none of the sizes are skipped or missing.

If you are looking to buy a socket wrench then you should definitely go for the Sunex 3342, we strongly vouch for it and we promise you that you will not be disappointed neither will you be buying a wrench anytime soon.

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