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Top 10 Health Benefits of Using A Food Dehydrator


Do you really want a food dehydrator? You may hesitate because you imagine that dehydrating to preserve food is a time-consuming method, or because you fear it’s only going to be useful for certain foods.

The truth is, you can use a food dehydrator on anything, fruit, vegetables, bread, even dairy products. And most dehydrators can be preset and left to do their jobs with very little input from you. You can check more health tips here Grinder Reviewed.

Much better than drying in an oven. But that’s not all. There are many health benefits to using a food dehydrator. Read on to find how to make healthier decisions with a food dehydrator.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Using A Food Dehydrator

Fast Healthy Meals

Do you love mashed potatoes? What about mac and cheese? What if you’re in a hurry? Do you use prepackaged mac and cheese, or instant mashed potatoes?

Okay, so they’re not very flavorful, compared to making stuff from scratch. They’re cheap and fast, and that’s the best that can be said.

They’re also often full of excess salt and preservatives. What if I told you that with a food processor, you could make instant mac and cheese mix yourself?

Or dry out potato flakes to store, for a healthy variety of instant mashed potatoes whenever you want! Evaporated milk that has been dehydrated lasts up to two years in a sealed container. You’ll never buy store bought again!


Packing in more nutrients

Dehydrating food means taking out the water. Especially in the case of fruit and vegetables, this means the food shrinks, but the flavor, and the nutrients, become concentrated.

This makes them easier to digest and easier for our bodies to pricess. It also means less sugar and fat in the dehydrated foods, which is better for your overall health.

Dehydration is also the best way to preserve food without losing nutrients. Freezing fresh food results in a 40-60% loss, thanks to the expanding of moisture during freezing.

Canning results in a 60-80% nutrient loss, thanks to high temperatures during canning. Dehydration is gentle, and results in a nutritional loss of about 5%


A good way to avoid allergens

If you have a gluten or nut allergy or are vegan or vegetarian, it can sometimes be hard to trust which store-bought brands are safe for you to eat.

Not everything that says vegetarian is vegan, and some gluten-free products may still contain traces of allergen during processing.

But with a dehydrator, it’s easy to make your own gluten-free flour or to make homemade cereal or granola that doesn’t contain traces of allergens or vegan cheese that uses no dairy. With a dehydrator and some research, it is possible to create substitutes for many serious allergies.


Preserve fresh food for longer

Dehydration allows fresh food to stay fresh much longer. As we’ve mentioned, evaporated milk can stay fresh for months, rather than the weeks it takes for milk to go bad.

Fruits, meats and vegetables extend even further, even for years. This not only saves you money, and storage space (dehydrated food can take as little as one third the space of fresh).

Preserve fresh food for longer

It also prevents the spread of bacteria, which needs moisture to grow, which stops the spread of food-borne illness. This, of course, requires that you store dehydrated food in airtight bags or containers, in warm and dry spaces.


Get in your fruit and veg

If you’re someone who doesn’t always eat healthily, a food dehydrator may help you. Food dehydration is a good way to pack more minerals and nutrients in a smaller space.

It also makes it easier to add fruit or vegetables to a recipe, if you happen to be cooking or baking since dried fruits and veg are easier to store.

And have already been prepared. And since it’s dehydrated, you can add only a little, and still get all the nutritional value you need.


Leave Behind Fast Food

Dried foods are very portable. They’re small enough to fit in a ziplock or container, making them the perfect travel food.

The fact that they pack all that nutritional value in such a small space makes them the perfect energy boost on the go.

Much healthier than grabbing a snack at a fast food place. And the variety is almost infinite: Anything can be dehydrated: not just fruits and vegetables, but pieces of bread, meats, and more.

Try packing a dehydrated snack for your next pick me up, and you’ll notice how fast it curbs your temptation for bad road food!


Easy on the Stomach

Dehydrated food tends to be very high in fiber. Dehydration can rob many foods of vitamin C and other water-soluble vitamins, which makes it easier to process other minerals.

Many more acidic foods, like certain fruits, are also much easier to digest when they have been dehydrated. They also tend to be smaller, which leads to less bloating of the stomach.

Having little to no water in the food you eat makes that food easier to process.


No Preservatives

It is true that you can buy dehydrated foods, such as dried fruits and vegetables, dried potato flakes, and jerky. But though dehydrated foods have an impressive shelf life.

Commercially sold dehydrated foods have considerations you do not and need to be able to maximize on profits. This means their products often have preservatives, often salt but sometimes other forms of preservatives.

Dried fruits also often have sugar added, because sugar tends to dissipate during the drying process. They may also have been stored in areas with a higher moisture content.

Or lower temperature which will affect the shelf life of store bought dehydrated food, and run a risk of mold


Lose weight faster

Though the calorie count in dehydrated food is exactly the same as the equivalent fresh food, you will still metabolize dehydrated food at a much faster rate.

Since there is less water, your diet will not cause you to retain any excess. Since your body is absorbing nutrients much faster, you will find yourself with more energy.

Lose weight faster

With the lack of moisture, there will also be less natural sugars in dried fruit than in fresh fruit. This will also increase fiber, improve digestion and energy levels. All of these things can help you lose weight.


Process nutrients and minerals fast

Many of the benefits of dehydrated food come down to how much faster the benefits of various foods are absorbed in the body. Not only are the minerals (minus vitamin C) all intact during the process of dehydration.

But all the flavor is too. Dehydration means concentrating the benefits and taste of your food. The faster you are able to digest, the faster you get the benefits of whatever nutrients and minerals found naturally in the food you eat.


A food dehydrator is a great option for packing as much nutritional value in food, with as little filler as possible. Not only does it save money and storage space but it is healthy in a variety of ways.

Dehydration is the safest way to preserve foods of many types, without risking nutritional loss. It is definitely worth the money and time to dehydrate food when possible.