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5 Wonderful Gift Ideas For A Memorable 60th Birthday


A birthday is a time for celebration, especially if one reaches the age of 60. There are numerous 60th birthday gifts you can present to the guest of honor that will make the celebrant feel particularly special on his or her important day, and will make the occasion more extraordinary.

5 Wonderful Gift Ideas For A Memorable 60th Birthday

A reservoir of memories

Every person who celebrates a birthday has qualities that are unique to them, which can be a source for an idea for gifts. Assemble unique mementos from the year of the celebrant’s birth to recreate his or her birthday.

The items included in the collection may include things that became popular on the time the celebrant was born like movies, photos of celebrities, news clippings of world events, or books.

It may also include the celebrant’s personal yet memorable stuffs like baby pictures. These special touches will make the celebrant feel truly cherished.

You can place the items in a gift box and include a short note expressing your wishes.

A wide array of 60th birthday gifts

Surprise the guest of honor with an assortment of 60 birthday gifts. Get together with close friends and relatives and ask them to contribute especially memorable gifts that will really make the guest of honor want to dive right into those piles of presents.

On this special occasion, you may think of even gifting food, books, magazines and all such common items but with short loving messages, written on a good quality paper, attached with the gifted item.

A scrapbook chock-full of memories of the last 60 years

Every year of someone’s life is filled with important events and many blessings. A scrapbook filled with important news stories, big events, personal letters and reprinted photos of family and friends will allow the birthday guy or gal to fondly look back over all that has happened in their 60 years on the planet.

To make the scrapbook more attractive, you can embellish it with fancy paper, beads or other decorative items. Remember to include some blank pages for photos or messages to be written.

Rare gift items

One unique idea for a 60th birthday present is a rare memorabilia from the year of the celebrant’s birth. The perfect 60th birthday present for a lady can be an antique tea set from the year or decade of her birth.

Memorable 60th Birthday

For male celebrants, items like miniature model cars make interesting gifts. Not only are these rare collector’s items great reminders of the past, they will really tell the celebrant just how hard you worked at finding that perfect gift for him or her.

A recording of 60 birthday greetings

You can give the celebrant 60 or more heartwarming thoughts, wishes and greetings recorded on a special LifeOnRecord CD.

You can coordinate with the celebrant’s family and friends and ask them to leave special messages at the toll-free number provided by LifeOnRecord which will record the messages on CD. Instantly, you will have a very special, personal gift for that dear person in your life.

Because there are countless gift ideas available, it is imperative that you take the time to find the present that will flawlessly reflect your birthday thoughts and wishes.

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