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10 Gift Ideas for Kids for 2018 Christmas


Are you searching for the best 10 Gift Ideas for kids for 2018 Christmas? Each year, hundreds of toys are designed, which means you have a wide variety to choose from. Among the benefits of buying a toy for your kid during Christmas is it enables him or her to have fun.

Remember as an adult; you’ll be enjoying your time with friends and relatives.  However, make sure you monitor your kids as they play with toys to avoid unfortunate injuries of accidents.

The best option for you should be to shop for the perfect toy, for example, Robot Toys, as a gift to him or her.  After several hours of research, we have arrived at the 10 best brands which should be among your top choices.

10 Gift Ideas for Kids for 2018 Christmas

Remember your kid will appreciate any toy. However, being Christmas, you want to gift them something unique and safe, which is one reason you should check out the following toys. They are:

  • Star Wars

Among the best toys to consider buying your kid for the 2018 Christmas are the Star Wars toys, for example, the Star Wars blind bag. The reason is it provides your child with the best fun moments.

Each of the pack comes with one 2.5 inch figure along with an attached clip. It gives your child the ability to display their fandom on their backpack or keys, which enables they enjoy their time.

Remember you want to buy something that stands out from the rest and provides you with the best value for your money, which means you should check out this gift when out shaping.

  • Marvel

You may want your kid to protect the prosperous Wakanda and save the Universe by purchasing them the excellent FUNK POP! (MARVEL BLACK PANTHER), vinyl figure.

It’s a unique and rare version of their superhero who wears the famous mask. The packaging is one sign that the gift is one of the best in the market.

The package comes with a window box, which means your little one can display or store it in its mint condition. Buying unique gifts during the festive season is essential since will ensure your child knows you value and love them.

  • Disney

The Disney (Pixar Cars) 3 mini racers is another type of gift that will ensure your little one enjoys the festive season. The cars are small, meaning they can fit in a pocket.

Your child will enjoy the fun they experience on the big screen, but this time it will be real action. Each of the gift bags comes with several Disney pixar racers in original detail.

The result is they can recreate their best scenes. As you enjoy your time with family, friends and relatives, your child will be busy racing the cars, meaning everyone will be occupied.

  • LEGO

The LEGO (BRICKHEADZ ROBIN) CONSTRUCTION SET gives your kid the chance to create their version of the Boy Wonder.

The Batman junior colleague stands 7cn tall and looks amazingly cute with the messy hair and oversized mask. The set is ideal for kids the ages of 10 and above, which is the perfect age for building toys.

For simple display, the construction set comes with a collector’s base plate to ensure easy viewing. This toy is one gift which your child will be thankful for.

  • Despicable Me

Does your child love listening to music? One excellent Christmas gift for him or hers should be the KIDdesigns Minions (over-the-ear headphones). They are the best option for them and are industry certified.

Their headband is adjustable, which means they will fit securely and comfortably on your kid. Remember many kids prefer listening to music as they relax, and the perfect time for its activity is over the Christmas period.

robot toys

  • Robot Toys

Robot toys are among the top gifts that any kid dreams of getting. One must buy brand for them is the SPHERO – MINI (APP ENABLED) Robotic Ball.

This toy is the size of a ping pong ball. You can drive it using your facial expressions or the Sphero Mini app. Your kid will love using facial expressions to push it, which means lots of fun.

For example, they can use the ball as the controller to shoot their way through space, race through a ship which is a tunnel and rotate the ball to get rid of a polygon of bricks. Remember you need a toy that brings out a child’s creativity.

The good thing with apps is you can update them, meaning you will enjoy additional benefits in future. For more fun, you can download the Sphero Edu app, enabling you to program the robot for your kid using the JavaScript.

This device is among the best robot toys and comes with LED lights, accelerometer, and gyroscope. You can also choose to get the interchangeable shells, which means depending on your kid’s mood, you can switch them.

  • Nerf Toys

If your kids are 14 years or older, they will love the power and precision that the Nerf Rival rounds toy provides them. This gift has 25 individual pieces that they can continually reload and reuse to keep the game entertaining.

  • Toy Drones

Toy drones are another type of toys that any kid will say thank you. One model, you should buy for them is THE PROTOCOL (SLIPSTREAM) STUNT DRONE.

It’s designed with crash-resistant materials and comes with remote control. It means that accidents won’t bother your child. However, make sure they follow safety precautions.

  • Hatchimals

Your kid will enjoy the anticipation that comes with waiting for an egg to hatch. The Hatchimals toy is the perfect gift which ensures your child helps in the hatching process and revealing what’s inside. The surprise they get is part of the magic of buying this gift.

  • Dolls

If your little loves dolls, you should make sure you buy the L.O.L. SURPRISE (LIL’ SISTERS) TOY PAC. They come with a water surprise, bath play and key chain carrying set. The result is mysterious excitement for your kid.


The above informative article on the best 10 Gift Ideas for kids for 2018 Christmas should make you consider getting one for your child. Make sure you follow safety precautions and purchase those made of quality and safe


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